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Luke's father, Crimson fon Fabre, was a politician in Telluride, a medium sided city south of LA. Two years ago, a kaiju attack had far more fatalities than there should have been and it was discovered that Fabre had been funneling federal and state funds to a contract company that was not trying very hard to fulfill their duties. He did all of this in exchange for 'gifts' that seriously benefited Fabre's family and private businesses. Basically, Telluride should have been prepared but wasn't, both the city disaster planning and the public shelters were improperly handled and thousands died unnecessarily with millions in damages, not to mention the ensuing weeks of clean up and power outages going on too long.

When it all came out, Fabre and his family were dragged very publicly through the mud. The trial took a bit over a year, and while Luke's father was by far the focus, Luke's own exploits as a ridiculous rich brat with no connection to reality also made more than a few news appearances. Namely accusations of drug use, underage drinking, and definitely the time he crashed a brand new Porsche.

About six months ago, Luke's father was murdered by a yet undiscovered assailant, after it became obvious that he wasn't going to see a day in jail despite his crimes. The media portrayed people as being pretty fucking pleased by this.

This is all public info, so it is up to you if you want your character to know who Luke is, what his father did, what his family's reputation is, and so on. Most people would probably know the name Fabre while only people who were really paying attention to the news at the time would recognize him as his father's son. He was definitely on TV several times, albeit he had really long red hair at the time.

No one is obligated to have their character know! Like it was a big deal where they were but you'd still have be paying some attention to American politics, and it's been mostly out of the news for the last year or so. But if you DO want them to know and also hate Luke's guts cuz of his father and his reputation, that's fine too ;D

You can also ask questions or whatever here /o/

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Hey, this is Luke. Leave a message.

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Pretty sure you know how to use an HMD, go for it.
Name Luke fon Fabre ([personal profile] heliokleptic, Tales of the Abyss)
Rank Pawn
LIVING Clubs, 2

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES red hair, green eyes, 5'7, 150 pounds, excellent abs.
☆ New sexual experiences
☆ Double penetration
☆ Teasing/blueballing/begging
☆ Being successfully manipulated
☆ Valuing himself over someone else
☆ Property destruction
☆ Genuine compliments
☆ Jesusing psychopaths
☆ Bossing around psychopaths


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Do Not Give

Memories: 44/69

Significant Positive (4/5)

-Eighth Memory: Coyote's Game: Talking to Master Van in prison
(Only Master Van understands me!)

-Seventeenth Memory: Kiriko's Game: Getting BFF forever title
(Guy likes me even though I'm not Asch)

-Saving St. Binah

-Tenth Memory: Madame White's Game: The night before attacking Eldrant
(I'm happy just to be alive)

-Thirty First Memory: Dream's Game: Pre-Absorbtion Gate at Yulia City
(Have I really changed enough?)

Trivial Positive (4/5)

-Sixth Memory: Goldie's Game: Filling his diary with pictures of Master Van
(Master Van is awesome and will teach me to be as strong as him!!)

-Starter Memory: Guy sneaking into his bedroom to keep him company
(Uggh! He's my servant I should get to hang out with him if I want!)

-Eleventh Memory: Cheshire's Game: Ion sticking up for his change of heart
(Of course no one expects me to be nice)

-Twentieth Memory: Columbine's Game: Visiting Tear in Yulia City
(She still loves him...)

-Donating all of his monies to Luke Bridge
(Now Belkend and Sheridan can be united!)

Significant Neutral (7/11)

-Twenty First Memory: 3x3 Game: Tear trying to attack Van and getting teleported across the world
(Don't touch Master Van!!!)

-Twenty Second Memory: Snow's Game: Lorelei taking over his body and Van helping him chill out
(Worst super power!)

-Third Memory: 3x3 Game: His father telling him he's going to be an hero!
(It's just like Master Van said...)

-Thirty-Ninth Memory: Scheherazade Game: Riding along in Asch's head while he is coma'd
(Who am I?)

-Twelfth Memory: Sea Witch's Game: Hair cutting resolution to stop sucking
(I have to change)

-Escaping the castle with Asch's help after Uncle tried to kill him and Natalia
(Damn you, Mohs!!)

-Stopping the Core's vibration, Sync's suicide, Lorelei's appearance
(We aren't trash!)

-Thirty Eighth Memory: Dream's Game: Midgame conversations pre-Van battle
(Everyone believes in me)

-Fifteenth memory: Cheshire's Game: Forcing Asch to talk to Mother and Father again
(Asch should be here)

-Thirty Sixth Memory: Anansi's Memory: Absorption Gate 2, Van praising him and asking him to join him
(I wonder if he means that, or if he's just trying to manipulate me again)

-Trying to convince Asch he must be the one to free Lorelei
(We aren't the same)

-Fourty-Fourth Memory: Miri: Freeing Lorelei
(I'm sorry, everyone)

Trivial Neutral (10/16)

-Sixteenth Memory: Snow's Game: His mother begging him to keep a diary like the doctors say.
(Fine! I'll do it! Quit worrying about everything!)

-Second Memory: Coyote Game: Getting Guy a birthday present
(He better appreciate this)

-Fifth Memory: M. White and Rumpelstiltskin Game: Cheagle Forest
(Thing! Shoot more fire!)

-Thirteenth Memory: Odile's Game: Jade, Ion and Anise wanting to use his social status to get access to Kimlasca
(If you're going to ask for a favor, at least do it right.)

-St. Binah to Kaitzur
(Ugggh, why is it such a pain to get home?)
-Katsbert Ferry to Baticul
(...that was stupid...)

-Twenty Fourth Memory: Mother's Game: Returning to Baticul
(This doesn't feel like home...)

-Delivering Peony's letter, returning to the manor.
(I finally made it back)

-The abandoned factory
(Why did she have to come?)

-Thirty Second Memory: Cheshire and Jabberwock's Game: Learning about Hod and Van's revenge from Tear, in her room
(She's really willing to kill for this, to die for it...)

-Leaving Aramis Springs, arriving in Daath, and saving Natalia and Ion
(I'll just have to regain their trust)

-Leaving Daath to Arriving at Keterburg + Various minigames
(We have to get to Malkuth to stop this war.)

-Twenty Third Memory: Automaton's Game: Visiting Nephry for Jade's life story, getting the second half from Jade
(Jade had to change himsel1f too...)

-Twenty Fifth Memory: Goldielock's Game: Eavesdropping on Natalia and Asch, Tear's ensuing speech.
(Is it all right that I was born?)

-Nineteenth Memory: Magic Mirror's Game: Finding out he is still dying and lying to party about it
(It's better if they don't know)

Significant Negative (9/20)

-Twenty Ninth Memory: Beauty's Game: Killing for the first time, ensuing talk with Tear and Jade
(I didn't mean to!)

-Thirty Fifth Memory: Cheshire's Game: Guy's party intro, Tear being hurt because of him, resolving to kill
(I'm not going to be a burden, I don't have to be protected.)

-Ninth Memory: 3x3's Game: Meeting Asch for the first time

-Eighteenth Memory: Dream's Game: Akzeriuth + Blamegame Aftermath

-Twenty Seventh Memory: Cheshire's Game: Fighting Asch in Yulia City
(He's lying! It's not true!)

-Twenty Sixth Memory: Rumplestilskin's Game: Learning Akzeriuth's destruction was foretold in the Closed Score
(What the hell is wrong with people?!)

-Guy trying to murder him + ensuing explanation
(Even Guy hated me...)

-Fourty-Second Memory: Green Knight: Terrible Tear is dying conversation
(You don't have to act so strong!)

-Escaping Sheridan, Van killing old people
(Damn it, Master! How could you!)

-The treaty signing in Yulia City
(Everything was for the Score??)

-Seventh Memory: 3x3's Game: Killing Master Van first time
(Why do I exist?)

-Fourtieth Memory: Firebird's Game: Ion's death
(Ion stop being jesus!!)

-Helping Anise kill Arietta
(Why did this have to happen...)

-Fourty-Third Memory: Mr. Right: Party trying to talk him out of suicide heroics pre-Tower of Rem
(I can't let Asch die)

-Thirty Seventh Memory: Firebird's Game: The Tower of Rem
(I don't want to die!)

-Killing Largo with Natalia
(Even though they wanted the same thing...)

-Fourty-First Memory: Masked Lady: Fighting Asch second time
(I am myself!)

-Feeling Asch die, Natalia's ensuing freakout

-Thirty Third Memory: Three's Game: Killing Sync
(Was his life really that empty?)

-Killing Master Van second time
(I love you, Master)

Trivial Negative (5/11)

-Fourteenth Memory: 3x3's Game: Getting frustrated at Natalia trying to teach him to read
(Shut up you're so annoying!)

-From Tataroo Valley to Engave, being acused of stealing
(What the hell is wrong with these people?! How dare they call me a thief!!)

-Thirty Fourth Memory: Green Knight's Game: Killing the Liger Queen, being captured by Jade
(God this sucked)

-Exploring the Tartarus to the Tartarus being attacked
(Why did I have to get caught up in this mess??)

-The attack on Kaitzur and going to Choral Castle
(Another place I don't remember at all...)

-Desert Oasis and the Zao Ruins
(Why do we have to waste time with this?)

-Thirtieth Memory: Goldie's Game: Chesedonia, Asch controlling his body and Guy's cursed fon slot
(What the hell is with these guys?)

-Boat out of Chesedonia all the way to Dao Pass
(We're almost there, then I can see Master Van again...)

-Legretta's attack on the mountain pass, Tear's ensuing lecture
(Stop not telling me things!)

-Fourth Memory: 3x3's Game: Master Van telling him he's a worthless tool
(Yeah I know...)

-Twenty Eighth Memory: Green Giant's Game: Learning of Hod's destruction from Tear
(So that's Master Van's motive...)

Mundane Skills
-Third Skill: White Queen's Game: Level Appropriate Stats
-Second Skill: Beauty's Gift: Albert Style Sword Artes
-Fourth Skill: Coyote's Game: Minigames
-First Skill: Dream's Game: Cooking

Special Skills
-Sixth Skill: Green Knight's Game: AD Skills Tier 1
-AD Skills Tier 2
-AD Skills Tier 3
-Fifth Skill: Peter Pan's Game: RPG Inventory
-Ninth Skill: Dream's Game: Strike Artes
-Eighth Skill: Snow's Game: Hyperresonance
-Seventh Skill: Green Knight's Game: Minimap


Basically, fuck you flower maze o9"

He'll also be able to tell when the would map expands due to an unlock.

Will not work in dungeons or games.
Okay, I am TOO LAZY to figure out which of these Dawn would actually have access to based on his stats. However it doesn't really matter because a bunch don't apply because he is either not a caster, or this isn't really an RPG.

What is really AMOUNTS TO is he is overall more efficient in battle: he blocks more damage, takes less, does more, is more agile, less likely to be staggered or have his guard broken, and recovers faster from anything that gets him off guard. He combos much more efficiently and can really wail on someone now.

Abilities pertaining to artes still don't work because he doesn't have those back yet.

AD Skills )
Okay gosh, let's heartgame writeuping.

Overall, other than fixing the corruption, not a lot of significant changes were made, and most of them will be fixed by the heart itself eventually. So this is more of a review of what was what.

So many words )

Aaand, overall, that is it! No really big changes, just a few minor ones, many of which will be reset by the heart itself. But the DAY WAS SAVED, and anyone who talked too the true heart got +many dere points, and +confidence interacting with points. I WILL ANSWER QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM.

He won't actually carry around everything that belongs to everyone on Ruby..... unless you ask.
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THIS IS A GRAB BAG ESSAY which is to say a bunch of mini essays about whatever the fuck I want in whatever ORDER i want on whichever character I want =D


Okay I am out of things I wanted to ramble on I think. And my back hurts like a bitch so I am going to go to bed. I GUESS PEOPLE CAN ASK QUESTIONS IF THEY WANT but seriously why would you want to.


Question Meme for Dawn/Luke, Lucifer, and Elliot.
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[So Dawn leads Dragonfly into the woods!]
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Soo... as of early night of day 70, Dawn has no sense of touch!

This applies everywhere on his body to pleasure, pain, pressure, hot, cold, etc. etc. I'M NOT GOING TO PLAY WITH THE FULL IMPLICATIONS OF THAT. Like having him talk with numb mouth or biting his tongue constantly. But it will take some getting used to and he will generally be clumsy without it for a while. Tripping, missing things he grabs for, etc. Also I guess his nightmares just got hella worse because he is physically always 'alone' when he sleeps now =D;

This is AJ's fault.
This skill is Luke's debateably illogical ability to be good at tests of logic or skill you would generally figure are beyond him. It does not make him SMARTER ACROSS THE BOARD, but if you put him in a room and make him move around boxes in a complicated manner? He is SET. This also applies to dungeon-traversing problem solving. So stuff like playing notes in a particular order to open doors, so on and so fourth. It will also help his problem solving skills when dealing with QUESTS. Aaannd it may pop up in a few totally random places for hilarity.
Finding out he is still dying and lying to party about it
Taken day 68
Sharable, form of a compact mirror: 1/7 uses

6:00 to END
Skits: The Joy of Life

Summary )

-I guess having your blood fonons separating kills you eventually
-I was pretty sure I was going to be dying and was prepared to lie to everyone about it
-Jade always knows everything =|;

+25 life is beautiful!
+50 zen
+20 honesty to Jade
+40 I guess illusions are important sometimes
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